Saturday, September 21, 2013

$12 Ashtrays

Today on The Smokin Gnome I give you $12 Ashtrays !!!!
Carolina and I love to hit Flea Markets and Yard Sales on a regular basis, and one of the items I am always on the hunt for are unique glass ashtrays.  I have been collecting Glass Ashtrays for about fifteen years or so, and have quit the collection, I would say somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty to forty in total.

This is a group of ashtrays that Carolina and I picked up two weeks ago at the new Beaufort Flea Market, on Highway 21.  Got the entire group of them for $12.  Starting at the top and working clockwise.  The Shark Tooth Ashtray, Carolina is going to fill that one with shark teeth.  The square crystal one, simply but has a very nice art deco style to it.  The Footprint, a nice bright orange ashtray that kinda looks like a foot.  The Matching orange set with flowers, the two on the bottom right are Kingwood Ceramics. The little round one in the middle is a Bob's Big Boy ashtray. The Long Brown one is shaped like a bowl with the rests in the middle, its a little odd, but neat.  And last and certainly not least, The Heagar Ceramic Ashtray, a beautiful piece of workmanship that I just love, this was the one that drew me to the ashtrays in the first place.  And for $12 for all of them, one of the best deals I've had on ashtrays in a very long time.

The Elephant
Found this at a thrift store located across the street from my doctors office, had a little time to kill before my appt and was lucky enough to find this gem. Again, $12.

This ashtray, I did not buy, my gran made this (painted and glazed) at the senior center in Alaska, 

 This ashtray I got on the way home from Charleston, SC after a dentist appt. It is an exact copy of the one my gran made for me, but painted in a really wild red marble pattern.  But it was so close and also my grans favorite color, that I had to have it.  $12

It also had this awesome table lighter with it, that still worked, just needed a little fuel and it fired right up.


This is the pride and joy of my collection, and it did not cost $12, it cost my mom $40.  But it is Orange and it is brilliant.

This is my mom, she passed away in April of this year.  I will always miss her and the very thoughtful gifts she always gave me.  Thanks mom.

And that's is all for now, I may dig up another group of Garage Sale (Carolina and I call it Garage Sailing, like we are on an adventure) and post them later on today or tomorrow.
Thanks for looking.

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Hello League of Extraordinary Bloggers

Hello  Leaguers! I’ve come to understand that to join you need to do a post about yourself, so here goes nothing.

My name is Alaska Roberts, and like the wife (Natural Blonde Killer, Rogue,) that's not what my mom named me. My name is Robert, but Alaska is my Pen name, and it’s also the name I've used online for almost twenty years.  And lastly, it’s also where I am originally from.;So the name has a lot of meaning to me.

I am a writer, artist, cult leader, bibliophile, superhero aficionado, geek, collector of stuff, nerd, whale watcher, stand-up comedian, sailor, dungeon master, amateur fly fisherman, information technology specialist, lady’s man, and one half of the two Robs.

I am married to the most awesome chick ever, the other Rob, whom I will call Carolina.  She is the love of my life, and I enjoy every day I get to spend with her.  We are coming up on our one year anniversary and I am super excited, because we will be celebrating on our honeymoon. 

I am excited about getting started on a regular blog, which I hope will consist a motley crew of random entries.  I have no clue what I will write on a day to day basis, or if I will even get around to posting once a week.  But when I do, rest assured, it will most likely be short, not important, and poorly written.

I also have one other blog that I neglect on a regular basis, and that is my art site, so if you are feeling abstract and want a dose of color, please stop by Nuklear Gecko Studios.

Thanks, nice to meet you all, and talk to you soon.


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