Saturday, September 21, 2013

$12 Ashtrays

Today on The Smokin Gnome I give you $12 Ashtrays !!!!
Carolina and I love to hit Flea Markets and Yard Sales on a regular basis, and one of the items I am always on the hunt for are unique glass ashtrays.  I have been collecting Glass Ashtrays for about fifteen years or so, and have quit the collection, I would say somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty to forty in total.

This is a group of ashtrays that Carolina and I picked up two weeks ago at the new Beaufort Flea Market, on Highway 21.  Got the entire group of them for $12.  Starting at the top and working clockwise.  The Shark Tooth Ashtray, Carolina is going to fill that one with shark teeth.  The square crystal one, simply but has a very nice art deco style to it.  The Footprint, a nice bright orange ashtray that kinda looks like a foot.  The Matching orange set with flowers, the two on the bottom right are Kingwood Ceramics. The little round one in the middle is a Bob's Big Boy ashtray. The Long Brown one is shaped like a bowl with the rests in the middle, its a little odd, but neat.  And last and certainly not least, The Heagar Ceramic Ashtray, a beautiful piece of workmanship that I just love, this was the one that drew me to the ashtrays in the first place.  And for $12 for all of them, one of the best deals I've had on ashtrays in a very long time.

The Elephant
Found this at a thrift store located across the street from my doctors office, had a little time to kill before my appt and was lucky enough to find this gem. Again, $12.

This ashtray, I did not buy, my gran made this (painted and glazed) at the senior center in Alaska, 

 This ashtray I got on the way home from Charleston, SC after a dentist appt. It is an exact copy of the one my gran made for me, but painted in a really wild red marble pattern.  But it was so close and also my grans favorite color, that I had to have it.  $12

It also had this awesome table lighter with it, that still worked, just needed a little fuel and it fired right up.


This is the pride and joy of my collection, and it did not cost $12, it cost my mom $40.  But it is Orange and it is brilliant.

This is my mom, she passed away in April of this year.  I will always miss her and the very thoughtful gifts she always gave me.  Thanks mom.

And that's is all for now, I may dig up another group of Garage Sale (Carolina and I call it Garage Sailing, like we are on an adventure) and post them later on today or tomorrow.
Thanks for looking.

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